Future Pioneers International School

Established in 2012, Future Pioneers international School is one of the leading schools in Nizwa. It is a co-educational and a bilingual Cambridge approved institution that provides a comprehensive and well-balanced education to children of wide ranging abilities and nationalities, aged 3 – 12.


Our school is located in Ghaf Sheikh, Nizwa in the growing region of Adakhilya. This region has a unique combination of commercial shops and luxury suburban homes. FPIS offers bus services to students within the city as well as our students who live in the distant towns of Izki and Adam.

The design of Future Pioneers International School complements with its surrounding areas and provides large, airy, naturally lit spaces for learning to flourish. The place helps the school to be both aesthetic and sustainable.

We offer outstanding facilities that make teaching-learning meaningful and engaging. Our classrooms have interactive boards, cooling systems and art stations.  The school also includes a science lab, Art lab, information technology room, and fully-equipped canteen.  All the students have the opportunity to access the computers plus they could bring their electronic gadgets with the permission of the school and their parents.


Future Pioneers International School implements the Cambridge Primary Curriculum and aims to produce excellent results. (   Cambridge students are widely accepted in top study destinations like the US, UK, and Australia, as well as many other parts of the world).The school emphasizes learning-to-learning skills, citizenship and preparation for a successful life in an inter-cultural world. The school also provides a stimulating, challenging yet supportive environment for a student body of over 10 nationalities, the focus being on well-rounded growth: intellectual, physical, spiritual, creative and social.


Future Pioneers International School believes that in order to create a generation of future leaders, learning process should cope with the changing world. The school highly considers the use of technology which is a vital factor to achieve our goals and develop a global citizenship. Education in FPIS keeps up with the current educational standards to prepare our students for the future challenges and thus, FPIS students take ownership of their learning and enjoy a personalized and interest-driven experience in education.


Furthermore, FPIS commits itself to the significant role of the teacher in student’s achievement and provides expert teachers on hand to engage the students and scaffold their inquiry and guide them wisely.

At FPIS ,educating the body is as important as educating the mind and it is for this reason that the school  emphasizes  a healthy atmosphere by providing  balanced meals and offering a playground for physical health and social development.


The school strongly believes that the student can achieve his full potential if he feels the joy of learning. In addition, education in FPIS means balancing between academics and fun. The classroom atmosphere is conducive and the students find it a perfect avenue to become reflective, active and creative.


FPIS students and educators are involved in the process of learning in a friendly and supportive environment that encourages inspiration and innovation.


Future Pioneers International School continues to innovate to be better for its learners thus making them feel that being with us is worth the experience.

Our Vision

Creating a Generation Of Future Leaders

Our Mission

FPIS  is a learning community offering students of diverse nationalities exceptional opportunities for developing their intellectual , emotional, social and physical potential; providing  caring  and highly trained educators who inspire a passion for learning among students and parents and  fostering a sense of belonging to the wider national and global community.

Goals & Values

FPIS is an institution which believes that all students should be provided with the most appropriate learning environment and opportunities to reach their highest potential founded on Islamic morals. We offer scholastic excellence and morally upright citizenship to be future leaders through:

  • Accreditation of school academics in order to reach the international level.
  • Maximizing each student’s potential by training them to think critically and providing them with the needed skills such as drafting reports, research and self-study.
  • Promoting creativity among students by teaching them freedom of thought, coping with the world developments and meeting the community needs.
  • Creating personalized education opportunities aimed at preparing students to be successful not just in their own communities but as world citizens.
  • Social and moral commitment and implementation of balance, moderation and equality consistent with our religion, our Arabic traditions and human values.
  • Strengthening the notion of belongingness and citizenship.

School Values:

Cooperation: Collective cooperation in the performance of school work.

Quality: Conducting administrative and educational work according to precise standards that achieve academic accreditation.

Creativity: Doing works in innovative ways is a fundamental principle in teaching and learning.

Objectives and Strategic Plan of the School:

  • Adopting the school academically and advancing it to the global.
  • Provide high quality services to take care of students.
  • To seek to develop the educational process through modern methods and techniques.
  • Creating an educational environment for intellectual and scientific creativity.
  • Effective and positive communication with the society.
  • Provide students with logical and objective thinking skills, scientific research skills and self-learning.
  • Consolidate the values ​​of citizenship and tolerance.
  • Build a strong, integrated, balanced and positive personality to play leading roles in the school and social environment.