We have four main subjects which are taught in Arabic language provided by the ministry of education:


We have been teaching this subject according to the methods and strategies mandated by the ministry. We start from KG stage and teach them how to write and read letters, then the words by using attractive things like flash cards and simple stories and the like. In the primary stage the students will gain some basic skills of Arabic language, spelling and the speech.

The strands in the Arabic Program are:

  • Oral language (Listening and speaking)

Students learn to communicate and respond using Arabic language.

  • Visual language (Viewing and presenting)

Students learn to present and describe visual stimulus and texts.

  • Written language (Reading)

Students learn to read according to their abilities through various class activities.

  • Written language (Writing)

Students learn to write according to their abilities through various class activities.
The Arabic teachers work collaboratively to plan developmentally appropriate and relevant lessons for their students.


The students learn Quran, Hadeeth and other things related to our religion.

3.Social Studies

The students learn different things about history of Oman, geography and how to draw the maps.

4.Life Skills

We teach this subject in both Arabic and English Languages. The students will learn the skills in their real life. Also, it develops their social and emotional skills, health & safety awareness, and improves relationship between the child and family members.