Top Secrets of Successful Classroom Management.
by : Teacher ZahKa Alkindi

Target group: English Teachers.

Date: 4/12/2018 

The Workshop Explained the reasons behind the misbehavior of students and identify solution and strategies to implement in order a create a suitable and efficient atmosphere for learning.

Enhance teacher skills to raise students’ competencies towards learning

Saturday Date: 29/9/2018

Workshop presenter: Dr. Salim Al-Shukaily

Dr. Salem Al-Shakaily reviewed how to develop different skills for self-performance and a better life.

Teacher and teacher certificates were awarded.

First aid workshop

Date: 29/10/2018

Target group: 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th students

Introduction to the workshop: Sawsan Al Rahbi

Of the skills required to identify and master the skill of how to aid someone was at risk, so the school organized a first aid workshop carried out by Mrs. Sawsan Al Rahbi of the health education section of Nizwa Hospital; she explained to the students on first aid.

Applications and exercises on the use and activation of the smart board

Date: 29/9/2018 corresponding to Saturday

Operator: Mohamed Al Kindi, and Walid Ambusaidi

Target group: Teachers of the school

The instructors also trained teachers to use and design lessons to activate smartboards. The operator also answered the various questions asked by the teachers about what had been blocked in the use of blackboards, and the meeting was fruitful.