Life Skills Curriculum

Life Skills curriculum is a program that aims at developing students’ emotional intelligence and health through inspiring and fun activities, we take the children through a beautiful journey of self-discovery and self-development. It is a journey worth investing because nothing is more rewarding than seeing children who are socially emotionally smart, happy, and healthy. Once children are healthy and emotionally intelligent they will definitely do better at school.

FPS was the first school in Aldakhiliya to implement this curriculum   .Students show more self- confidence in expressing their feelings and in feeling the joy in learning.


The school uses the comprehensive ICT Curriculum to address the needs of equipping our students with the latest technological skills and knowledge. The ICT curriculum is based on international syllabus and has been designed by experienced ICT teachers. In using this curriculum; students learn the history and latest developments of computers. Students also develop basic and advanced skills in different Microsoft Applications such as MS Paint, MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. Students will also learn basic programming using the software Logo. For learning to be more meaningful, the ICT Curriculum is integrated to other subjects such as Math and Arts.

To protect our students from possible harm of the digital world, we also teach awareness and security in using Communications and Technology.


The school uses Letterland in teaching Phonics for Kindergarten to Grades 2.Letterland uses a story-based approach as well as multi-sensory instruction to help learners read and develop genuine love for reading.

Letterland has its unique way of presenting the lessons. Each letter stands for a relatable character. The sounds are learned through songs and movements. It activates children imagination using story phonics and also teaches writing through the letter formation song. Spelling and grammars are also learned through different stories, actions and songs.

Letterland meets the DfE criteria for effective synthetic phonics teaching and is also approved by Oman’s Ministry of Education.