Information and Communication Technology Curriculum:

The school applies the comprehensive curriculum of information and communication technology so that our students acquire multiple skills in the information field and technological knowledge, which is based on the international curriculum. It was designed by experienced teachers with experience in this field, and through it students learn about the stages and the latest developments of computers. Students also develop basic and advanced skills in various Microsoft applications such as MS Paint, MS Word, MS Excel,. MS PowerPoint Students will also learn the basic programming method using the software logo so that the learning will be more rewarding and effective.


The school uses a phonics curriculum letter land for Kindergarten to Grade 2 children. Where the school adopts an interesting story style, in addition to a set of information related to multiple senses to help learners with a curriculum letter land and instill in them a love of reading.

Life Skills Curriculum In English

In the interest of the school to develop curricula and include all that is new; The school implemented the life skills curriculum in the English language at some stages, and it took the lead, as usual, in the Dakhiliyah Governorate in activating this curriculum. Which had an effective impact on the students. Where the curriculum worked on developing multiple skills, activities and values, and enabled them to perform all of this and express it in English.

Curriculum and enrichment books to support kindergarten

* Principles of Islam
* My messages
*funny Arabic
* my numbers
* View up
* Science for children