Director of International Programs

Dr. Salem Al-Kamiani – Director of International Programs

It is an honor for the “Future Pioneers School” to play its role in building future generations enabled with citizenship, knowledge, and skills. Able and inspiring to build their country by providing high-quality, technology-integrated, multi-track education that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, and builds skills.”

The selection and implementation of international curricula is a multifaceted process that gives priority to society’s principles and future aspirations. Culture and the ability to adapt to future visions and the diverse needs of learners around the world is an urgent modern requirement. To achieve this, the school tended to analyze the various internationally recognized curricula and choose what is compatible with the school’s vision and education philosophy. To ensure long-term success, implementation of the selected international curriculum requires regular assessment and improvements based on data analysis, promoting an advanced and dynamic learning experience for the next generation of students. It is our honor to place the school’s vision among the priorities of our work, emphasizing the most appropriate choice of curricula and effective application. Also, following up on all aspects necessary for application and detailed objectives would make us happy with our outputs of students who are qualified for life and distinguished by future leadership in a global community that requires multiple and diverse skills.