Students at this level are introduced to more complex educational endeavors. We let our students experience a dynamic and nurturing environment as students develop sound foundation in the areas of literacy, Science, Mathematics, English and Arabic language, Arts, sports, creativity and social skills.  We are a private institution, hence, there are programs that are specially crafted to elevate our standard of instruction in all areas of studies. We offer both the Ministry of Education Curriculum and the Cambridge Curriculum. As a Cambridge school, we follow certain standards and programs mandated by the Cambridge to keep students on tract of academic excellence. That being said, students at this level take progression tests to diagnose their level of achievement in English, Math and Science.


What distinguishes us :

  • Education quality under a specialized supervision.
  • Concentration on Arabic and English skills.
  • Memorizing Quran Kareem.
  •  Robotics classes.
  • Interactive smart boards inside classes.
  •  weekly plans for students.