Drama competition

Future Pioneers Private School was declared ‘Champion’ in the drama competition spearheaded by the Ministry of Education Al Dakhiliya Region, April 10,2018. This year’s theme was ‘Effects of Technologies in the Everyday Life’.   Their exceptional acting, fluency of the English Language, and well-coordinated performance made FPPS outshine seven other schools in the region.

Students from FPPS performed ‘Get Off the Phone’, a drama written by Teacher Sameera Dhouibi. The group spent nearly one month rehearsing at lunch times and after school, desperate to claim the top award. Organized by the Ministry of Education Nizwa, the competition sought to encourage students to

love the English Language and the art of Drama.“The students worked hard to bring home the first place. They spent many hours of rehearsal time, listening to feedback from their mentors

World Premature Day

FPS involved in the  World Prematurity Day  celebrated in Nizwa Hospital the 17th of November,2017.

FPS students have participated in the World Prematurity Day .Students from Grades 6 and 7 staged a short play ‘The Dictionary Salesman” ,a comedian  sketch criticizing  the insensitivity of people about the importance of dictionary.

Students from Grades 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 gave some scientific information about Premature babies throughout the world.

A Talk Show took place at that day;students showcased their communication skills through hosting and acting with the theme “Famous and influential personalities around the world”

Outside FPS Assemblies

Stage 1 has been invited to celebrate the ‘English week school. FPS young students lead the morning assembly talking about happiness by presenting a short talk and staging a dance.The hosting school was fascinated by the excellent level of Spoken English