KG participation in the activities of medical laboratories at Nizwa Hospital

Future Pioneers International School  participation in the activities of medical laboratories at Nizwa Hospital Al Dakhiliya Region, While a kindergarten (KG) student may not directly participate in the activities of medical laboratories at a hospital due to their young age and limited understanding of the complex scientific processes involved, there are ways to introduce them to the healthcare field in an age-appropriate manner. Here are a few suggestions for engaging KG students in activities related to medical laboratories at a hospital:

Social Studies Day

In FPS schools the educational institute we have organize a special day or event dedicated to social studies. This could involve engaging in activities, presentations, or discussions focused on different aspects of social studies, allowing students to explore and learn more about the world around them, different cultures, historical events, government systems, and societal issues.

While there is no specific date associated with Social Studies Day, schools or educational institutions may choose to celebrate it on a particular day of the year to highlight the importance of social studies in the curriculum and promote a deeper understanding of the social sciences.

Outside FPS Assemblies

Stage 1 has been invited to celebrate the ‘English week school. FPS young students lead the morning assembly talking about happiness by presenting a short talk and staging a dance. The hosting school was fascinated by the excellent level of Spoken English