Students are exposed to a variety of academic and co-curricular activities. Pursuant to the mandates of Cambridge Curriculum, there are various programs developed to heighten students’ level of achievement. In English, students communicate effectively through writing, reading, speaking and listening. Teachers intensify students’ communication skill through an activity called ‘Show and Tell’. In addition, students are given a reading task once a week at the library and accomplish a reading activity sheet. For writing, students keep a writer’s notebook where they pen down all writing tasks ranging from personal narratives, essays and short stories. In Mathematics, students are provided a comprehensive strand of learning such as Number System, Geometry, Measure, Problem Solving. In Science, this course provokes students’ thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills by learning specific science tenets and how they apply in today’s world. The following strands are studied: Scientific Enquiry, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

With this and more, we at FPPS are confident that your kids will get and experience holistic education in the best way possible.