KG English Festival 


To reflect on the English Festival, and to raise the student’s awareness about the English  environment, FPS celebrated the English Festival Day It includes activities such as riding horses 🐎 , water 💧 guns 🔫, jumping on letters, a cinema 🎦 , organizing and ordering letters, an XO game to read letters, and bowling


FPS Students are aware of the restaurant section: to make pancakes and sandwiches.

The occasion everyone to It was a day full of joy and fun for the young heroes.

Prophet Mohammed’s birth celebration

To mark the celebration of the birth of our beloved Prophet Mohammed, FPS students showcased a beautiful performance during the morning meeting .First grade students ,leaded by teacher Nermeen, performed a wonderful action song describing the characteristics of our Prophet  Mohammed ,peace be upon him. AN amazing ,enthusiastic student ( Meral Rajhi) recited a poem .The show was ended by a wonderful speech delivered by Mariam from grade 4 The occasion is celebrated on the 12th of Rabi al-awwal, the third month of the Islamic lunar calendar

Celebrating National Day

The 18th of November each year is a national day in which Oman lives from top to bottom, embodying the spirit of love for our country, Oman and its inspiring leader, His Majesty Sultan

According to that day we have putting together  a little effort for our Country in Future Pioneer Private School Nizwa.