”Glimpses from Sultanate of Oman”

In order to uncover and nurture the student’s natural talents and test out their creative ideas in a risk-free manner, FPS has conducted an Art competition themed ”Glimpses from Sultanate of Oman”, On Tuesday the 19th of March Supervised by teacher NADIA. The competition included students from grade 1 to grade 7. The competition has been an inter-school contest including 7 schools:

1.ALMuzan school

2.Alwadi AL Abyath school.

3.Shams ALNahtha school.

4.Manah school.

5.Surooj school.

6.Ajyal School.
The contest garnering participants from 7 schools, was divided into two parts: Colouring for STAGE 1  and Drawing  for stage 2.which are visual arts and these competitions allow students to uncover their talents in imagination and illustration

The contest was a platform where the students displayed their artistic abilities and experience a diverse form of learning which they might not otherwise have access to.


Photos Click Here

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