” Show and Tell Winner ”

Show and Tell is an important part of a child’s learning development, as it helps them to organize information and build their confidence.   It’s also a great way to encourage a child’s interest in a particular topic and a chance for children to think outside the box a little. With the aim of providing an opportunity for our children at every grade level to develop effective communication skills and to build their confidence, a ‘show and tell’ competition was recently organized in the English Department.  The students learned and experienced public speaking – a skilled child will use throughout their life. In the competition, the students took center stage and spoke on different topics like my car, my favorite book, solar system, healthy food, and the national flag. They described the objects with a lot of confidence, facial expressions, and voice modulation.  This year the school hosted nearly 100 students.  The competition was judged by the Ministry of Education staff.  Overall, the show was a spectacular learning experience for the students!


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