.  Because FPS believes that in order to increase feelings of resilience and coping and to build confidence and self-esteem, a pinch of magic should be added to our curriculum. For that reason, the school ran a “Circus Show’ performed by Many of our talented students. The show brought a huge dose of fun to our school and was absolutely a wonderful experience for the students as well as for the audience

“It was so rewarding to watch the students’ efforts along with broad smiles. The performance was well timed, choreographed, glittering costumes and disciplined. Students were so proud of their achievements.” Mr. Khaled, the Chairman, confirmed.

The show program was composed of many funny performances: in the jungle’ “let’s dance with the witches” The clowns”

In spite of being the first experience in our school, our students showcased greater skills by building upon their previous stages’ experiences in drama and morning assemblies’ .it was a great opportunity for our smarties to uncover their talents and pursue their passion

The show helped our school not only to satisfy some of our physical requirements but more importantly to provide another way to engage kids in education and make the learning process joyful……

 The CIRCUS SHOW was chosen to be a yearly fixed program in our school !! just to see the joy in learning !!!! one of our prime commitments!!  

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