The  Ministry of Education Director General of Aldakhiliya Region, Mr Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Al-Salmi, visited Future Pioneers Private School, 10th December.

During his visit, the  Director General was welcomed by the school Chairman, Mr. Khalid Alkamyani  and the school principal: Loay Abou Al Hasan and was given a tour of the school.

The administration headed by Mr. Khalid Alkamyani, Executive Chairman and Mr. Loay Mohammed, principal graciously welcomed our most-esteemed visitor.

As a part of innovations and improvement of the learning process in FPS school, Mr Sulieman Bin Abdullah Al-Salim had the opportunity to see the newly installed smart boards in all classrooms. He also met with some of the competent FPS teachers and attended some of their classes. The honorable guest pointed out the impressive milestone the school has done so far. 


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