External competitions

Quran Competition

Title: The competition of recitation and good sound


Winners’ names:

1 – Abdullah Al-Kindi

2 – Omar Ambusaidi

3 – Mariam Al Sayghi

4 – Hosn Al Yarobi

One of the good ways of the school is to deepen the love of the book of God in the hearts of the students, and encourage them to memorise, so the school searched the students to participate in the Holy Quran competition at the level of the inner region, and the school has won excellent centers and advanced, has sent this in the hearts of our students spirit Compete and continue these good competitions.


Indoor competitions

Honoring the students of the primer in memorizing Surat Alnaba

Date: 28/11/2018

Encouraging the teacher of the Holy Quran to its students on conservation and review has honored Professor Fatima Al-Sabahi teacher of the Quran students preparatory who completed the memorization of sorat Al Naba.

Honoring students in social studies.

One of the advantages of the social studies article taught by teacher. Ismail Abdel Latif is holding a weekly cultural competition in the subject of social studies and honoring the winner after the draw.

As well as honoring outstanding students in class groups.





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