FPS celebrates 48th National Day


In festive and colourful celebration, FPS commemorated the 48th National Day of Oman, November 19.

The day was incredibly filled with jampacked of programs led by the Arabic and English Department. Students paid tribute to his Majesty through poem recital, speeches and sketches both in Arabic and English Language. Too, with the help of hardworking and talented teachers, selected students from KG to Grade 4 showcased their knack in dancing. It was really eye-candy that left everyone openmouthed in admiration.

“I feel nostalgic whenever we celebrate Oman’s National Day. It truly gives me the feeling of nationalism by witnessing performances staging our culture, traditions and history of Oman. Indeed, this country has come a long way and it continues to hoist its flag for the world to see,” articulated by our supportive and purpose-driven principal, Mr Loay Mohammed.

“Young as I am, I have witnessed how this country transcends borders and breaks barriers anywhere in the world, and for that, I’m one lucky Omani. I’m forever grateful to Sultan Qaboos for pioneering progress, peace, camaraderie and inclusivity. It’s a milestone that is beyond dispute,” said Mohammed Khalid Alkamyani – a Grade 7 student.

Indeed, this country has become a platform for many opportunities both for the locals and the expats. With this, the celebration didn’t only center around looking back on what this country has become but most importantly on what it has to offer to the entire humanity



Celebrating the Prophet’s birth:

The day of the birth of the Prophet, a day celebrated by Muslims in the outskirts of the earth and the majority, to promote this good and fragrant anniversary, and the embodiment of its value in the self-Muslims. The school has participated in this day, where she held a religious ceremony embodied the meanings of Islamic love of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, In their participation, the students demonstrated in this celebration.


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